Keynote Talks

Keynote 1
Bencie WOLL
Why sign language is good for your brain? 

Keynote 2
How infant language prepares the child's brain to read 

Keynote 3
Assessing language abilities in deaf children

Keynote 4
Shirin D. ANTIA
Making inclusion happen: Factors leading to success 

Keynote 5
Educational success = environmental change 

Invited Talks

Invited Talk 1
Kathy LEE, Tammy LAU, Emily LAM,
Joffee LAM, Gladys TANG & Chris K-M. YIU
Oral language development of deaf children in the SLCO Programme 

Invited Talk 2
What are the 'Co-enrollment' practices?: A comparison 

Invited Talk 3
Ming-Hua HSING
Recent changes of deaf education policies and practices in Taiwan: The road to sign bilingualism

Other Presentations

Talk 1
Chris K-M. YIU, Emily LAM, Tammy LAU
Does early sign language input make a difference on deaf children with Auditory Brainstem Implants? 

Talk 2
Qun LI, Gladys TANG,
Chris K-M. YIU & Scholastica LAM
Deaf students' literacy development in the SLCO Programme 

Talk 3
Felix SZE & Gladys TANG
Bimodal Bilingual development of discourse referencing strategies of deaf and hard-of-hearing children 

Talk 4
Jia LI, Jafi LEE, Gladys TANG & Scholastica LAM
Development of HKSL by deaf children in the SLCO Programme 

Talk 5
Emily LAM, Tammy LAU & Wilson YU
Speech perception and oral language development of deaf children in mainstream schools

Talk 6
Ada LAU, Karen CHEUNG & Kathy LEE
Cantonese tone production performance of mainstream school children with hearing impairment

Talk 7
Participation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in a Co-enrollment Program: An Exploratory Study in Hong Kong  

Talk 8
Leung Sing SUNG, Lucia CHOW,
Chris K-M. YIU & Anna PUN
The SLCO Programme: views from the Deaf teachers

Talk 9
Chloe HO, Chris K-M. YIU & Anna PUN
Deaf teachers' involvement in the SLCO Programme: Views from students

Talk 10
Chris K-M. YIU
On the social integration of deaf and hearing students in the SLCO Programme