Linking Hands and Hearts Fun Day 心連.伸延 - 手口同心樂共融

The Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies has recently held a fundraising event entitled "Linking Hands and Hearts Fun Day (心連.伸延 - 手口同心樂共融)" on 4-5 April 2014 at Plaza Hollywood  to raise funds for the "CUHK Deaf Education Fund", at the same time to educate the general public about the historical development of sign bilingual education in Hong Kong.

At the event, Deaf associations and school students of the Programme presented wonderful performances to show their support. They demonstrated vividly equality and harmony between deaf and hearing people in front of the audiences. Headmasters, parents and students who have been participating in the Programme pointed out the significance of this approach of inclusive education through experience sharing. Families visiting the Plaza were flocking to the booths for the "Sign Bilingual Art & Craft Workshops" and "Reading Sign Bilingually". For the latter event, they experienced sign bilingual teaching conducted by a deaf teacher and a hearing teacher collaboratively. Other than understanding the operation of the sign bilingual classroom, they also experienced the benefits of this multisensory education approach to deaf and hearing children.

The three-day fund raising event at Plaza Hollywood was successfully held with the support of the community.  

Audited Report

The audited report of this fund raising event is now available. Please click here to download.

Prof. Gladys Tang, Director of CSLDS (6th right, back row) and Mr. Yiu Kun-man, Senior programme officer of CSLDS (5th right, back row) take a group photo with guests and representatives of the performing groups.

"Sign Bilingualism Reading Class": Hearing teacher Miss Koo (right) and deaf teaching Miss Tsui (left) from Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Ngau Tau Kok) demonstrate how they cooperate and teach in a sign bilingual classroom.

A performance by deaf and hearing students from Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Ngau Tau Kok).

Mr. Hon Sze-ping, headmaster of Notre Dame College (2nd right) and Mr. Yiu Kun-man, CSLDS Senior programme officer (2nd left) share the significance of the Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment Programme to the deaf and hearing students.

Fundraising for Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment in Deaf Education Programme