Speak Along

Website: http://speakalongcuhk.com

Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies has received full support from China CITIC Bank International Limited at the end of 2016, to develop “Speak Along” – Enhancing Language Development of Special Needs Children through the Establishment of Online Resources Platform for Speech and Language Training. The aim is to provide parents and teachers with information on language development and training to improve the language ability of children.

“Speak Along” regularly held seminars and workshops series to introduce basic knowledge of children's language development, and shared useful methods to help children improve their language skills, facilitating parents to use them in daily life. The process of using the content would also be introduced along with the online knowledge platform and gamified mobile apps of the “Speak Along” platform to parents and caregivers.

“Speak Along” will further provide 5 free direct speech therapy sessions for underprivileged children or children with language delay, so as to enable more children in need to get early treatment.

Fundraising for Sign Bilingualism and Co-enrolment in Deaf Education Programme