Hong Kong Sign Language Sex Education Website

Hong Kong Sign Language Sex Education Website

Sex education for adolescents is a matter of concern all over the world, especially in the deaf community. A survey revealed that in the UK, due to insufficient sign language resources, about 30% of deaf people did not receive sex education at school, indicating that even in developed countries, deaf people can easily become the target of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This will leave a particularly serious impact on deaf children, because in case they are sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, they cannot explain the situation since they do not know sex-related sign language or no one will understand their sign language. Consequently, those cases are unlikely to be discovered. In addition, the lack of sex-related sign language resources makes it difficult for parents and teachers to explain correct sexual knowledge to deaf children and adolescents. Low awareness about safe sex will increase the probability of deaf people contracting AIDS. Furthermore, if deaf people are involved sex-related cases, sign language interpreters may not be able to help them because they do not possess relevant sign language.

Parents and teachers of primary school students: You can decide whether to display the content to your children or students. Please provide necessary explanations when you are browsing with them.

  1. Junior secondary school students: They can browse the website under the company of a parent or teacher.
  2. Senior secondary school students or above: They already have the ability to make judgments so they can browse the site and learn related knowledge by themselves.
  3. People working in deaf-related fields such as teachers, social workers, doctors, sign language interpreters etc.

The design of this website is simple and user-friendly. We sincerely hope that it will provide a systematic sign language sex education platform for students, parents, educators, sign language interpreters etc.

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