Current team members

Prof. Gladys Tang (Project director)


Prof. Tang is the director of the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies. In 1999, receiving a funding from Direct Research Grant, Prof. Tang founded the research team with several Deaf and hearing researchers. She assisted in the data collection process for the Child HKSL Corpus and designed the HKSL transcription system. She also trained many Deaf and hearing researchers in building corpora and analyzing sign language data.

Mr Pippen Wong (Deaf researcher)


Mr Wong joined the team on Language Acquisition of Deaf Children in 2005. He works on HKSL transcription for the two corpora and conducts analysis on Deaf children's sign language data. He works with Deaf and hearing researchers on sign language research and assists hearing researchers on various sign language research projects. He also provided trainings to researchers from various Asia-Pacific countries on the construction of sign language corpora and sign language documentation.

Ms Connie Lo (Deaf researcher)


Ms Lo joined the team in 2012 and worked mainly on the Child HKSL-Cantonese Bilingual Corpus. She is responsible for eliciting HKSL data from a bilingual Deaf child and transcribing the data collected afterwards.