Language Acquisition of Deaf Children is one of the projects taking place at the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies. It focuses on establishing acquisition corpora and conducting child language acquisition research. Receiving a funding from Direct Research Grant in 1999, an acquisition corpus based on cross-sectional data collected from local Deaf students to document Deaf children's acquisition of classifier predicates was set up. In 2001, the funding from Hong Kong Research Grant Council supported the establishment of Child HKSL Corpus to document the development of Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) by two Deaf children. Since 2006, the development of this corpus has been supported by a generous donation from Dr Alex K. Yasumoto. In 2008, he also supported the establishment of the Child HKSL-Cantonese Bilingual Corpus to document the HKSL and Cantonese development of a sign bilingual Deaf child. Dr Yasumoto's donations have also supported the research training of many Deaf and hearing researchers on the team throughout the years.